Monday, May 18, 2009


how funny is it that i was just talking about the ladies choir and they are performing sunday, may 24 with asdsska at the family bookstore on fairfax. this is family's first record release party as a record label and it should be a great night. this is what family had to say about asdsska:

asdsska is a duo consisting of aska matsumiya (the sads, moonrats) and david scott stone (the sads, get hustle, unwound, melvins). matsumiya is a classical trained pianist and the single, '25', features a slow debussy-like piano refrain accompanied by her delicate voice and stone's ethereal modular synthesizer drones. the b-side is 'we feel it more than they do', an ambient instrumental variation on 25's melody.

the music video for 25 was directed by spike jonze and crystal moselle and they are debuting it tonight as well. all in all it should be well worth the drive to the west side.

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