Friday, May 15, 2009


i stumbled upon demitasse jewelry a year or two ago and fell in love. i'm really picky with jewelry, typically liking small, delicate pieces (unless it's turquoise) so when i saw the collection, i couldn't forget it. the prices are pretty spendy but if you think about what you're getting in the long run, it's worth it since they're something you'll treasure for a lifetime. she uses sterling silver, yellow gold, and rose gold with precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, and pink sapphire. every piece is hand tooled, drawing inspiration from fine tableware, with such intricate tiny details.. it's beyond belief how beautiful the entire collection is. i was even more intrigued when i found out the designer, rachel white is a los angeles native.. i enjoy supporting my fellow angelenos (when support is warranted). i was lucky enough to stumble upon one of my favorite pieces at a jewelry sale and snagged it up for what i believe is a stellar deal and have worn it religiously ever since.

the ice cutter spoon necklace. i have the top one in gold.

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