Tuesday, July 7, 2009

in god we trust.

i'm finally back from nyc and exhausted to say the least. i'll upload photos soon to share. while i was there i happened upon a shop in the lower east side by the name of in god we trust. i had heard of them before from refinery29 but had never given them much thought.. big mistake! i went to the ludlow location on the lower east side and was in love with the overall aesthetic of the clothing/jewelry/decor. i am very eclectic by nature and the store definitely tickled my fancy. i'm crazy about dainty jewelry as i've mentioned in the past and that's what really caught my eye. i wish i would have taken photos myself but you can shop the store through refinery29 or if you're in new york, please go check them out. they have three locations and i definitely recommend taking a look at their website which is: www.ingodwetrustnyc.com.


skinnyGLASSESgirl said...

man AZ is shit for shopping.. except ONE divine thriftstore. I love those grey shiny boots.

the golden state of things said...

i need to visit AZ. i have a feeling i'd like it too much and never want to leave.