Wednesday, March 18, 2009

homeward bound.

i'll be going home soon.. next friday. home is vancouver, washington which is about 15 minutes north or portland, oregon (for those of you who think there is only vancouver, b.c.). i'm very excited about this because a. i'm homesick b. i need a break from los angeles and c. we're going to the beach. i think we're going to seaside and i'm looking forward to going to the antique stores, eating pizza, hot-tubbing, and watching bad movies on cable (i.e. tremors {which is actually not a bad movie at all but more of a culty flick that's always on at the beach there}). hopefully i come back feeling rejuvenated and supremely loved.. on a side note, on the way to the beach we have to pass astoria which is the home of many movies. i know off hand that kindergarten cop and the goonies were filmed there and that's also where the goonies house is. you can actually go up to the goonies house and all the other memorable locations (museum, county jail, etc). here are some goonie-type images to tickle your fancy:

on the way up to the goonies house

goonies house!

mikey holds up the coin that will lead them to the treasure. the holes in the coin line up with haystack rock at canon beach.

haystack rock

seaside is really cool though.. i think it's my favorite beach along the washington/oregon coast. i'm bringing my camera so hopefully i get some good photos to post up here. here's an idea of what seaside is like:

the aquarium along the promenade

surrey rentals

tilt a whirl!

beach house

and what's a small town without a strip club.. yowza!


imsorryforwastingyourtime said...

the goonies is one of my favorite movies ever. i wanna go home now, well not my home, your home. looks nice. i couldn't embed that video because it said the embed code was disabled by request. anyway, you going out this week anytime??/

the golden state of things said...

yeah, i love that movie too. i looked for it at blockbuster and amoeba over the weekend with no luck. i hate when they disable the embed code.. so annoying.

skinnyGLASSESgirl said...

ooh have a nice trip. I love Goonies! I have been to Astoria also.. really pretty.