Friday, February 20, 2009

oh noes!

so, i'm sure you've heard of the energy drink for women.. aptly named, Go Girl. it's in the pink can and tastes like every other energy drink, except it has vitamins essential for women (and probably causes heart attacks).

that's not really enough to make an entry about so i'll get into it.. i found out there is another product called Go Girl, too. Well, not exactly.. it's called Go-Girl which is totally different than the former. Go-Girl is a F.U.D. or otherwise known as a female urination devise. what is this, you wonder? it's basically a funnel you put up to your lady bits to help you pee standing up/squatting/etc.

perfect for active women who are stuck up in the mountains on a hike with no bathroom available or for what i would like to think it's more commonly used for.. drunk girls outside the bar in the back alley that need to take a leak without making a total mess (all of you girls have done it and if you haven't you most likely will). go to to get one today!

happy friday!


kristina said...

that made me think of this:

the golden state of things said...

that is totally creepy and i'm sure you'd end up hurting yourself.. anything pokey in your nether regions = bad news.